A friend celebrated his 80th birthday earlier this evening.  Two friends hosted a pizza party for him. Another friend made an amazing chocolate cake, and homemade vanilla ice cream.  He received gifts of spices, pie filling, wine, and socks.  We all enjoyed the food and companionship.

Celebration takes on more importance with each passing year.  We are lucky that most of this group are healthy, given their ages, and able to live in their own homes.

We cheer each other’s birthdays, support each other when someone is ill, and take care of each other’s pets When someone travels.  Tonight’s 79 year-old hostess is leaving for Germany tomorrow for two weeks.  I’m lucky to be part of this young-at-heart friend’s group. Aging can be an exciting, dynamic time.



Running in Place

DSC04751It was busy enough at my day job today, to discard the idea of evening chores, or any heavy thought about the future.  I took my dog Pickles for a run in the pasture.  We scared up several crickets, a bird or two, and a few butterflies.  The temperature is mild and a cool breeze blows from the north.  It’s a perfect evening for letting the day go, and running in place emotionally.

Next Step

Sixty five for nearly nine months, the question of the next step in my life visits me several times a day. I decided to start a blog to chronicle my decision about when to take the next big step in my life.

When something isn’t going the way I wish at my job; I think – I could give two weeks notice and leave this problem to the next person to occupy this position.   Just knowing that I can leave at any time is often enough to relieve the tension of the moment and I soldier on to the end of the day.

I live in a rural area a couple of miles from the nearest village (400 people), 12 miles from the county seat of 5,000 where I work, and 30 miles from a bigger town of 25,000. I worry about retiring and spending time alone, away from people.

Of course, I worry about a lot of things, like writing this blog.  Will anyone be interested in the musing of a retirement-age woman?   One of the nice things about blogs is that is up the reader to decide if it’s worth their time or to move on.