Flowers are covered with Painted Ladies and Monarchs in August and September.  They stop to drink their fill before moving south.  Many linger through October’s warm afternoons, but are gone, like the flowers, before November’s chill. I envy them.  I often wish I could migrate south during the cold months, too.  Maybe someday…

Autumn is Turning

October’s last day started as a raw 19 this morning, and only warmed to 35 by trick-or-treat time late afternoon.  Little witches and space rangers were wrapped in winter coats and stocking caps.   The last of the autumn sun shone on falling leaves and porch swings.

Morning Sun 2017

It’s the last day of employment for a counselor laid-off from my office. November will bring more work for those of us who remain.  Autumn turning colder, daylight lasting fewer hours, and grieving our losses go hand-in-hand.

Administrative fiats are occurring in education, government, and business.  The powerful consolidate control, eliminate those with seniority that might challenge their techniques, and try to undermine others.  I believe my employer has lost its ethical center. I’m also surprised that I’ve become so cynical.

In my work, I’ve always tried to see the good in others, and encourage their best efforts. Insights about myself as well as others’ actions help me to make retirement decisions.