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Butterfly Migration

In 2015 my place was designated as a Monarch Way Station.  Many Monarchs migrated through my flower beds that year.  I’ve increased the number of milkweeds to feed the Monarchs at the ranch.  There are now perennials asters in several … Continue reading

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Retirement decision in perspective

I visited the Virgin Island of Anguilla, in the British West Indies in January, 2017. I took this photo of one of the beautiful beaches.  It was peaceful and picturesque. “Anguilla is the northernmost island of the Leeward Islands, located … Continue reading

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I planted habanero pepper plants by mistake this summer.  I meant to plant jalapeños. The habaneros are super hot by my standards.   Perhaps the four-pack of peppers was misplaced in a shelf of jalapenos, or perhaps I didn’t read … Continue reading

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Predictions of a major change

I was born on wash day in early December, 1951 (that’s Monday folks).  I am a Sagittarian. My mother finished the laundry before going to the hospital to deliver me. Monday’s laundry day was called “wash day” (pronounced warsh). Mom … Continue reading

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There were many empty and abandoned farmsteads near my parent’s farm in the 1960’s.  A childhood friend and I walked or rode our bikes to those empty farms to explore the barns and vacant houses.  Houses were rarely locked and … Continue reading

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High School classmate turns 65

My high school graduating class was very small.  There were thirteen of us.  Two military veterans have passed away. I attended a birthday party for one of the remaining eleven today.  She is a nurse and also still working.  She … Continue reading

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Full Moon

The September full moon has been rising in the eastern sky for days, tracking slowly across the sky, and still present in the west pre-dawn.  Wildlife are more active in moonlight if the dog’s barking is a measure of activity.  … Continue reading

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