Full Moon

The September full moon has been rising in the eastern sky for days, tracking slowly across the sky, and still present in the west pre-dawn.  Wildlife are more active in moonlight if the dog’s barking is a measure of activity.  She goes outside after dark to bark at something, returns to the house for a few minutes, then insists on chasing the foe only she hears, over and over.  I admire her determination to protect the house and yard.  DSC04751

Like wildlife, I’m often  awake far into the night during a full moon, and when I finally slumber, my sleep is restless.  I often feel completely relaxed and ready to sleep early morning.  This wonderful rest is interrupted by the alarm Monday through Friday.  I wonder what retirement will do for my sleep cycle.   Will I be able to stay awake later and sleep later regularly, or only during a full moon? Spring 2017 004

Published by llzranch

parent, writer, mental health counselor, gardener, environmentalist

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