Step down from the merry-go-round?

Most of my days come and go in a whirl like an old-fashioned carrousel with horses bobbing up and down with the music as they go round and round.  It seemed like a major victory today to find time to call about repairing the lawn mower, making a hair appointment and finding time to get the car to the shop for an oil change.

Clients in need of assistance walk in the office door in a steady stream.  We won’t be able to see all of them with the staff cut in half by administrative fiat.  Who has to wait?   I’ve done multiple web searches to find models for Mental Health Waiting Lists, but must be using the wrong search parameters because there are no results.

There are discussions about the problems of waiting lists: increased danger to individuals, reduced college retention, poor academic performance, more hospitalizations, etc.  Retirement seems like a distant vision.  How can I walk away from so much need?



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parent, writer, mental health counselor, gardener, environmentalist

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