Waiting for a termite inspection

I’m writing this post in the morning as I wait for the termite inspector to arrive.  He is, of course, now two hours later than planned.  My work life is scheduled in hour-long appointments and meetings.  It seemed logical to me to try to schedule the termite inspection first thing in the morning to minimize the amount of time away from my job. The gentleman in question agreed to an 8:00 appointment.

I thought that is a perfect time, but (and there is always a “but”), he left a message that he couldn’t get here right away in the morning, and hoped to arrive by 9:30 or 10:00.  It is now past ten.

If I was actually retired, and home all the time, this change would not matter.  However since this is a discussion about approaching retirement, but not actually there, I have a day job that requires my presence at an office.  Delays such as this one are annoying to put it mildly.


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parent, writer, mental health counselor, gardener, environmentalist

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