Predictions of a major change

I was born on wash day in early December, 1951 (that’s Monday folks).  I am a Sagittarian. My mother finished the laundry before going to the hospital to deliver me.

Monday’s laundry day was called “wash day” (pronounced warsh). Mom carried water to fill the washing machine. She used the same tub of water for all the laundry.  She’d begin with the least dirty items like sheets and towels, then underwear, then shirts and dresses, and finish with the dirtiest jeans and socks.

She washed the family laundry in a wringer-washer, and rinsed clothes in galvanized tubs. Clothes swished around the agitator first, then she put items through the wringer. To rinse clothes, she moved items to one tub, ran them through the wringer, and finally rinsed clothes in the second tub, and gave them a final run through the wringer. Everything dried outside on the clothes line, regardless of season.  Water from the washing machine and tubs had to be drained into buckets.  The buckets were carried outside and water was dumped in the yard.

I use those tubs to hold plants in the summer now. This is a long introduction to get to the premise of today’s blog; horoscopes can read like predictions that are written just for us.

The Sunday Omaha World Herald horoscope for Sagittarius this week says “you could be in the midst of a major change.  Others might not be as aware of what has been going on as you might like.  Be open, and you’ll gain a better perspective of what to do and when.”

It was a busy time at the office, with more needy students requesting help daily.  One of the staff will be leaving next week, as her position was eliminated by the administration.  It seems more difficult for me to contemplate leaving work to retire as the number of people needing help increase, and the number of helpers diminish.

Some of my mother’s dedication to finish the warsh, before bringing me into the world, must have been passed along. I feel responsible to take care of the students, but I’ll try to be open to new information and gain perspective about retirement.

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