There were many empty and abandoned farmsteads near my parent’s farm in the 1960’s.  A childhood friend and I walked or rode our bikes to those empty farms to explore the barns and vacant houses.  Houses were rarely locked and sometimes the doors were missing.  We explored those places to search for abandoned treasures as if we were pioneers heading west to pan for gold.

I am reminded of my childhood adventures today by my daughter’s article about barn restoration.   http://www.cfra.org/news/170911/preserving-life-next-generation-guide-barn-restoration

The barn on my parent’s rented farm was sadly neglected after they retired and moved to town.  The farm sold to someone who was not interested in saving outbuildings.  As I contemplate my own retirement, I worry about the future of the house and barns on this ranch.  Her article lists many good ideas to pursue to maintain the barns for future generations.  DSC02866



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parent, writer, mental health counselor, gardener, environmentalist

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