What’s Next?

Spring 2017 004The list below was conceived during a blue moon. It includes things to do to get ready for retirement and those that aren’t such a good idea.    I’m in the party planning stage, but haven’t quite set a date.  I’ve made several mistakes along the way and will probably make some more.

  1. Throw yourself a” goodbye to the old” and “hello to the new” party.
  2. Don’t use  one’s breastbone as a one side of  clipper to trim bushes.
  3. Don’t second guess yourself when you are ready to write the letter of resignation.
  4. Do make plans for some meaningful activity to replace the daily job’s structure.
  5. Do plan a vacation.
  6. Don’t stay home and mope.  Get out of the house often.
  7. Spend time with family and friends.
  8. Take a class.  Learn something new.
  9. Read the books you didn’t have time for while working full-time.
  10. Watch all the movies in your Netflix queue.
  11. Start a new career.
  12. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you are indispensable.  Most businesses and non-profit institutions will replace you in a heartbeat.
  13. Enjoy sunrise and sunset.Sunrise 2017

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parent, writer, mental health counselor, gardener, environmentalist

2 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. Lin, I’ve been reading your posts this morning, and we have so much in common — love of antiques, midwestern roots and sensibilities, love of birds at a feeder, always having a cat (or now for me a dog) around for company, I fretted about retirement too, and probably would have put it off except that my husband was transferred to another campus of Penn State’s sprawl, and that forced the decision. All of your “rules” for life after work are sound ones. I found the thing I missed immediately was that my email dwindled from overflowing to near non-existence. And that no one called to ask questions about the job. Hmmm. Guess it’s true that no one is indispensable… But then I renewed my love of writing, joined some writing groups, took some classes in our new city, made new friends, and have never looked back. So glad to have met you through Ryan. I’ll look forward to your posts and your poetry!


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