Lighting the Dark

Mornings dawn gloomy

It’s been an autumn of gatherings after eighteen months of isolation. The season began with a niece’s wedding in Sioux Falls, SD. It was a lovely wedding and urban weekend. The next event was my daughter’s wedding in my back yard. I’ve written about the planning process for hosting a home wedding in another blog. The third big event was another niece’s wedding in Lincoln, NE and another city weekend. These events were about a month apart and it’s been lovely to see friends and travel a bit. However, each event marches us closer to daylight savings time and less daylight. Pasture grass matures under cloudy skies.

Big bluestem and other native grasses

The third wedding was followed by planning for a small Halloween gathering just a week before the time change this year. Outside lights brighten shorter days. I began to hang white lights on fences and in trees and build roaring fires in the wood stove to warm long evenings inside.

Wood fire before Christmas

I’m a child of the sun. I sit in south windows when the sun shines. The sun is low enough in the sky late November to shine in the house afternoons. The sun warms my sunny south room ten or fifteen degrees during the day. My cats also love to sit in the sun.

Colonel Mustard finds a sunny spot
Maybell & Melvin share the sunny window seat

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