Valentine’s Day Dreams

This year for Valentine’s Day I’m dreaming of sunshine warm enough to melt the foot of snow covering everything, and the much taller drifts covering flower beds and breaking fences. I want the ice to melt to make walking easier for all of us. I want my frozen Nebraska backyard to turn into green grass and spring flowers.  I’m dreaming of days filled with sunshine and warmth, although there is peace and beauty in sparkling snow.

Winter 2016 064.JPG

I’m looking forward to early tulips, daffodils and lilacs.  Its 10 degrees outside todaySpring 2017 091

so I may need to go on a southern vacation to find spring flowers this early.  Spring 2017 090However, I can take a mental vacation from winter by leafing through seed catalogs.  It’s time to plan the summer vegetable and flower gardens.


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One thought on “Valentine’s Day Dreams

  1. 10 degrees here in Indiana this morning as well, but warm temps and 2 WEEKS of rain on the way! UGH! I guess it’s better than snow, but I worry about bulbs and plants rotting. Gorgeous sunrise this morning!


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