Frost Expected


I harvested almost everything from the garden this past weekend.  Beets, squash and onions are stored in the barn to dry.  They can remain in the barn until the nights are consistently in the mid-twenties.  One or two nights will not drain all the summer warmth from the building.

My houseplants have summered outside for years.  The brighter light and humidity outdoors always gives them a growth spurt.  The first frost is expected tonight, in the  second week in October,  later this year than usual.  The first frost has historically occurred at the end of September in this location.  My garden has been located in Agricultural Zone 4 as long as I can remember.  I haven’t moved, but the weather is warmer and this is now listed as  Zone 5, with a longer growing season.

I planned to bring the remaining house plants inside last evening, but it rained again and  the pots were covered with mud and wet leaves.  Early dark and a 40 degree cold rain encouraged an early finish to the task.  I covered the remaining pots this evening and hope they survive tonight’s frost.

Completing this task at a more leisurely pace is appealing.  When I retire I’ll spend daylight hours clearing the garden.

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parent, writer, mental health counselor, gardener, environmentalist

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